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If you've made it this far then obviously you're wondering what GROOCH is all about. Biographies are never an easy task for a Cartoonist (we prefer the exaggerated illumination of others), nevertheless I'll see if I can shed some light on the subject. GROOCH is a generation"X", middle class, lover of satire, hyperbole, while ironically trying to keep life real. I AM Canadian (I do NOT live in an IGLOO!) I hail originally from Montreal Quebec (25 years), but now as a married father of 6 awesome children call Lethbridge Alberta home. I was raised a child of Star Wars, spending summers outside, and big wheels, collecting comic books, Oliver North, and three's company. I've been witness to the invention of microwaves, computers, and video games, which in turn murdered stove top dinners, typewriters, and snakes and ladders. But now where does Cartooning factor into all this? My answer is this; cartoons in the generation I was raised in were a much more revered thing. The Holy Saturday morning was the only day of the week that a person could watch them and I myself would watch until my eyes watered. Comic strips in the paper, the editorial cartoon, Garfield and Marvel, were all the daily staples of my continued addiction. Mother (self taught artist) finally clued in and asked the question... would you like me to teach you how to draw??  

It was a slippery slope from there. Aside from hours a doodling in the back of class all throughout high school and graduating from college with a degree  in Fine arts I apologise to say I haven't the credentials most would expect or that would astound you. I wish I could say I studied with the masters, however the truth be told, the exploration and understanding of what it takes to become a successful cartoonist and illustrator was a long unwinding unforgiving path of secrets untold. What ink do I use, what paper is the best, what do I color with? I would be remiss if not at least to warn all that cartooning (at least for me) was a journey of dead end, dark days and countless hell driven rejection critiqued cry sessions. Professors didn't encourage it and my drawings while bringing many smiles to people's faces, have never made me allot of money. Then why do I do it you ask?? I do it because I cannot stop, because I love it, because it satisfies my soul like nothing else can.  I've been published in a few newspapers, done a few book covers and had some internet exposure.

Artist's and the work I adore are: "Mad Magazine"~ Sergio Arogones, "The Amazing Spiderman", Stan Lee/ Humberto Ramos, The editorial cartooning of the Montreal Gazette "AISLEN"~Terry Mosher, "Calvin and Hobbes"~ Bill Waterson, as well as Scotty Young, Bruce McKinnon, the stories of Asterix and Obilix, TIN-TIN,         Dr. Seuss, Frank Miller, the wonderful world of Walt Disney, and               anything and everything else that is crazy, round, bouncy, screaming off the wall odd, 2D or 3D colorful, and poignant. That last idea is more than important to me. The phrase "A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS" is a creed I take seriously. I can't change the world. We as citizens of the little blue dot are exposed to an onslaught of TRUTH, HALF-TRUTH, and NOTHING CLOSE TO THE TRUTH, unless of course someone's reputation or millions of dollars are a stake. I'm not yet in a position to accompany anyone's daily routine, but the challenge and privilege for me lays in trying to lighten the mood, open the mind and help a beleaguered world cope with the day. If a drawing has no point other than to explore the inner workings of emotion and beauty, I am not your guy. Go to a museum or buy an art history book, I particularly like Rodin, Robert Bateman, Micheal Angelo, and the impressionist period.  What I really enjoy is creating the shortcut to what I believe is the truth, summing up an opinion, and creating a perspective that saves an audience the pain of digging through the quagmire of information "GIGGITY GIGGITY"

To resolve one FAQ ~ "why is your name GROOCH?"

Growing up, my friends and I referred to each other by last name only. It was just the way we rolled. However if the name was too difficult to pronounce or too long to say we would reduce it to its most primitive prefix. My name became "Grouch" which by the urban dictionary was described to be the small stretch of skin that resides between the ball sack and ass hole. I wouldn't have any part of that, and ultimately convinced everyone GROOCH was much better, and the name stuck. Little did I know, only finding out years later with the pen name solidified that the urban dictionary has a definition for that word as well... sigh.

Oh well ...too late....the name stays! If I endeavor to make others laugh, then alas...I must be willing to laugh at myself as well.

Cheers, GROOCH.


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Robert de Gruchy
Cartoon JUNKY,

I've been illustrating since I was 5 and can't seem to stop. No matter how poor I become, I will always want /need and aspire to draw whenever I have time. I've been puplished in several Canadian newspaper's and continue to pound the pavement looking for a more perminant position doing what I do best!
Alas~ I will have to continue at my pidly day job untill opportunity and my diamond timing collide.



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Ro-kun Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
How did you get to where you are now in illustrating? (Classes, etc) I really admire your work.
pawntune Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
You're really good, man, why don't more people know who you are!? 'Tis a travesty!
GROOCH Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
Everyone has to start somewhere!